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The Journal of Applied Treknology, published by the Advanced Starship Design Bureau, is a Federation-wide forum for starship design and innovative technology. The Journal is aimed at engineers and interested laymen. Readers are invited to contribute their own ideas and share their views on existing concepts.



Starships A-B, C-E, F-H, I-L, M-N, O-Q, R-S, T-Z, Space Stations
New designs for Federation and Starfleet starships and stations.
See a comparison chart compiled by Sadewo Yakti.

Various Shuttles, Planetary Vehicles, The Hopper Project

New designs for small spacecrafts and ground vehicles.

Personal Equipment, Personal Weapons
Innovations in personal communication and computing devices, side arms, uniforms.

Propulsion Technologies, Miscellaneous Technologies, Building a Better Brain, Faster Than Warp

Innovations in propulsion, power generation, ship weapons, computers, communication, medical technology, ship systems.

21st Century, 22nd Century, Early 23rd Century, Late 23rd Century, Early 24th Century, DY Starship Family
Archive of historical ship and shuttle designs.

Other Designs
Alien Starships, Future Starships & Design Studies, Abramsverse Designs
A place for developments that are not officially endorsed by Starfleet, like concept sketches, future designs, alien designs. See also: Old Designs (an archive of submissions that have been dropped for various reasons)


Recent Additions
See the newest designs at one glance. See also: Previous Additions.

Submit a design or idea yourself. Read the submission guidelines and take notice of the typical design mistakes.


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