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Submission Guidelines, Submission Form


Submission Guidelines

Please note that this site is not regularly updated any longer. It may take a year until your submission is posted, if at all.
The JoAT is not a simple repository for ship designs but is exclusively reserved to original and high-grade fan work. Our submission rules are intended to ensure this quality standard and to save the reviewers a lot of dull work. In order to avoid unnecessary further inquiries and extra efforts from the part of the editors, you are required to read this section carefully. The editors will discard incomplete or inappropriate submissions.

General Rules
The Journal of Applied Treknology (JoAT) accepts only designs and ideas in the spirit of Star Trek. We will reject any submissions not set in the Star Trek Universe or in strong conflict with established facts of the Star Trek Universe. We also reserve the right to disapprove of almighty über-warships, exaggerated specifications, grandiose or overly aggressive names or any form of silliness. Designations like "Fast Strike Cruiser" or "Megacannon" should be avoided. Ship designers are required to familiarize themselves with specs of canonical ships and with the Starfleet registry scheme. See also the typical design mistakes.

There is no specific format for submissions in the field of technology, but be sure to include as many of the following points as possible:
- Motivation
- Basics
- Overview of existing work
- Description of the idea
- Simulations or experimental results, limitations
- Possible implementation
- Conclusion
All submissions should contain at least a brief description of the technology and an illustration. Colloquial or advertising language should be avoided. If the technology is implemented in a specific device, please include its basic specifications.

Starship & Shuttle Specs
At least some basic specifications and figures are required for every submission (for more details refer to the form). You should adapt your specs to the format of the other entries in the JoAT. Most importantly, you have to refrain from Excessive Capitalization. It is "aft phaser array" and not "Aft Phaser Array".

Starship & Shuttle Artwork
Every submission must include at least one illustration of the vessel. The JoAT is not a place where you could request artwork, but where you have to provide it! Any form of artwork is welcome: pencil drawings, 2D CAD, 3D CAD or photos of physical models. The artwork should have a certain level of detail, not just a few coarse shapes. It has to be original. Mere renditions of existing designs from canon or fandom, even if made with the consent of the original designer, will not be accepted. The same applies to any work which is very similar to existing designs or otherwise does not include any visible innovation (such as attaching a third nacelle to a two-nacelled ship or similar cheap cut&paste work). See the typical design mistakes.

Technical Requirements
After previous bad experience with texts that required excessive retyping we now only accept submissions through the below form. Images can be uploaded directly to the JoAT server. JPG, PNG and GIF images are supported. The file size limit is 200 kilobytes. If you have bigger files, you can attach them (with the design name in the file name, please!) to a separate e-mail after submitting the basic data.

Please understand that we won't spend many hours to prepare every single submission, or get back to you to discuss every single detail that may not be not clear. As a general rule of thumb, the more consistent your submission is and the less annotations and additional requests you have, the more likely and the sooner it will be posted. If you send supplemental text, we ask you to fill out the complete form again because it will not be possible to keep track of all of your e-mails. Also, never refer to your stuff by different names (such as alternatively the name of the class and of an individual ship). And if you should ever consider to change the name of your design, you have to re-submit it altogether. Sorry, but late changes that you deem perfectly easy and plausible are extremely fickle handle for us, even with the best data management.

Legal Stuff
CBS Broadcasting Inc. and Paramount Pictures Inc. own the rights of the Star Trek franchise. The JoAT is a strictly non-commercial fan website that does not intend to infringe on their copyright. This is one more reason why all submitted work is required to exhibit a high degree of originality. Occasional references to "official" designs, characters and events are possible under the "fair use" exemption though. It is not necessary to mark every piece of work with a copyright disclaimer.

The JoAT solely accepts work (text and graphics) submitted by its very author or by an authorized person. All submitted works based on other work must include proper credits. All submitted work remains the intellectual property of its respective author. The author agrees that, upon submission, his work may be shown in the Journal of Applied Treknology for an indefinite time. The JoAT will credit the author showing his e-mail address and/or a hyperlink to his website. Please have patience with us. After your submission it will typically take a few months until we have enough new designs to justify a site update.


Submission Form

All fields are required, unless otherwise noted. Once all fields are filled out correctly, you will be prompted to choose images to upload (send them later only if this shouldn't work).
Note that starship submissions without images will be discarded unless you indicate that images are following soon! Send only your own work, or work that you are authorized to submit! Unless we already know you, please provide some sort of proof (hyperlink, logo on images) that it really is your work.

About You
Your name
Your e-mail
This is form is sent from the JoAT server, not from your e-mail client. You have to enter your address manually.

Display my e-mail address on site.
About Your Design
Affiliation Earth/Federation or other:
Name of the ship class or technology
Basic ship specs (some required)
Try to fill in all fields! Avoid exaggeration. Round dimensions to full meters.
Ship type: (e.g. explorer, cruiser, freighter)
First commissioning date:

meters, width: meters, height: meters
Decks: , displacement: metric tons
Complement: officers +
Speed: Warp (cruise), Warp (max.), Warp (max. emergency)
More ship specs (optional)
Fill out as much as you like. Keep lists short. Capitalize only the first word.
Emergency evac. limit: people
Max. sublight speed:
c (enter a fraction of the speed of light)
Embarked craft:
Technology specs (not for ships & shuttles)
List any non-ship specs here. Please avoid capitalization except for proper names. It is a "hand phaser", not a "Hand Phaser".
Description (required for all)
A short description, how and for which purpose the design (ship or tech) was created, or a design and service history. Basic HTML possible: <i>, <br>, <p>, text links. Never force <br> line breaks in sentences!
Additional credits (optional)
Please list all people and other sources that have contributed to your design. Something like "Thanks to..."
Design status New design ready to post  Preliminary version
Supplement  Correction/replacement
Message to the editor (optional)
Put here what is left to say about the design and not supposed to be posted on the site.