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Typical Design Mistakes
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Typical Design Mistakes
These are a few typical examples of starship designs that we will reject. Note that we made up all these images in order not to offend anyone particular. If you think that your ship design is considerably better than the ones below, please proceed to the submission form and let us know!


No images "Please help me design this ship." - Sorry. We don't design ships, we just show them. If you just seek help in your effort, please don't use the submission form.

Rip-offs Although this is a site committed to presenting novel designs, we frequently receive submissions with pictures of existing ships attached. No matter if it is a well-known canon vessel or an obscure one from fandom, we will discard any such plagiarism. So please save us the nuisance!

Pointless kitbashes What is the benefit of sticking another nacelle on a starship whose look is perfectly fine? Sorry, but although you might come up with an elucidation why this improves the design, you need to provide visible innovations for a chance to be accepted, otherwise it is barely disguised plagiarism.

Overblown design Most of our rules are not set in stone, as we want to stay open-minded. But keep your designs simple and within established canon specs. The more pods, spikes or nacelles you incorporate and the bigger you make the ship compared to canon vessels, the less likely it will be accepted - even if the drawing quality is excellent.

Lacking drawing quality Not everyone has a talent to draw, and the JoAT is not an artistic competition. But there has to be a standard for the overall quality and for the level of detail. If you only know to draw jagged lines although they are intended to be smooth curves, you need more practice above all.

MS Paint patchwork "But I don't know anything else but MS Paint" - There are certainly drawing tools other than MS Paint, also free ones that you could download and get accustomed to. However, even with Paint you may be able to create decent renditions, if only you develop the diligence to draw pixel by pixel.


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