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Old Designs
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Old Designs
Designs that have been dropped or are on hold because of required revisions


Clandestine Class

Design by Nate Smith

No specs available

This is supposed to be replaced with a improved version.


Colossus Class

Design by David Lovejoy

Length: 1,317m
Beam: 580m
Height 266m
Decks: 88
Mass: 11,450,000t
Crew complement: 5800
Cruising speed: Warp 9.6
Max. speed: Warp 9.895 (for 12 hrs)

The Colossus class was designed during the Dominion War to counter the massive flagships of the Jem'Hadar fleets. These ships measured well over 1000 meters long and were equipped with heavy bombardment weaponry and carried a huge garrison of soldiers on board, likely numbering in the thousands.

Only weeks before the end of the war, Starfleet Command began construction on the largest Federation warship ever. Fittingly, this immense ship was christened the Colossus NX-91010, after one of the ancient wonders of the world. When Colossus was completed, in only 14 months, she measured 1,317 meters in length, and dwarfed the Galaxy-class U.S.S. Superb, which was docked beside her at Utopia Planitia shipyards.

The Colossus set records as soon as she left drydock, carrying a crew equal to five Galaxys and an amount of weaponry equal to a full squadron of Sovereign-class cruisers (an impressive figure, as Sovereigns were previously the most powerful warships in the fleet). The Colossus could lead a task force of 20 ships, and it itself could equal the strength of the other 19. The Colossus prototype never saw battle, however, as the Dominion War ended months before. Nevertheless, Starfleet Command was so impressed with the strength of the Colossus, they ordered the construction of her two sister ships, U.S.S Protector and U.S.S. Invincible; also fittingly named. The Protector was designated the flagship of the 1st Fleet. The Invincible remains under construction. There are no plans for future Colossus-class vessels in peacetime.


Engel Class

Design by Rocky Jordan

Commissioned: 2380

Length: 1,120m
Width: 350m
Height: 175m
Deck count: 45

Cruising velocity: Warp 7.5
Maximum velocity: Warp 9.9999 for 6 hours
Crew complement: 2,250 (std.); 8,000 (max.)

The Engel class carrier/explorer vessel was first designed during the first phases of the Galaxy Project. When Starfleet Command first reviewed the specifications and blueprints for the Engel Class, they mothballed the project, claiming that it was too large, and would be too costly to build to be feasible. After the beginning of the Dominion War, and the second Borg incursion, Starfleet Command was in need of a heavily defended carrier for the war effort. After reviewing several possible designs, they decided to redesign the Engel Class, taking her from a Nebula style configuration, to one that was almost totally revolutionary. Instead of the traditional two nacelle design, the Engel had four. The nacelle supports were now elliptical, enabling the Engel Class to land.

The most controversial design concept, was the double saucers. Many engineers argued that this design reduced the Engel's armament, however the designers pointed out that most of the weapons systems were on the lower saucer, and engineering hull. The top saucer, which included the main bridge, and main sickbay, as well as the majority of the science stations, could separate, and still defend itself to some degree. The lower sections of the ship carried the fighters, and the bulk of the weapons systems. The design was approved, and construction began. During construction, the Engel underwent several major changes, and improvements, many of these related to her weapon and defensive systems. Shortly before completion of NX-86540, ablative hull armor was introduced to the fleet, via the return of the USS Voyager from the Delta Quadrant. This new armor was incorporated into the Engel's defenses.

The USS Engel was finally launched in 2380, over five years from the start of her construction. With the Dominion War over, and the Borg quiet, the Federation had no known enemies. The Engel was recalled for refit only six months after launching, at which time she was given a new registry, NCC-86540, the equipment, and the crew to complete her new primary objective: exploration of the Delta and Gamma Quadrants. With these vast frontiers now open to them, Starfleet commissioned a second Engel class carrier, the USS Faith, NCC-86541. The Engel was sent to explore the fringes of the Delta Quadrant, and the Faith was assigned to explore and patrol the frontiers of Federation space in the Gamma Quadrant. At current there are two other Engel Class vessels commissioned, both of which have yet to start construction.


Hokule'a Class

Design by Brian

USS Onondaga NCC-5706

This is an alternative design for the Hokule'a class being developed at the ASDB.


Hunter Class

Design by Isaac Abresnick

No specs available

No description


Istanbul Class

Design by Lauren

Length: 600m
Beam: 460m
Height: 200m

This is an alternative design for the Istanbul class being developed at the ASDB.


Nozomi Class

Design by EMH

Speed: Warp 4 (max.)
Crew complement: 100

No description


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